Lending Solutions
for Credit Unions


member loan opportunities
at point of sale


your Credit Union retain current member loans and drive new member loan business

point of sale auto finance

This enables your Credit Union to compete at the member's point of purchase. It extends your Credit Union's hours of lending to the dealer's hours of operation.

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CUAC Full Service program

Designed for Credit Unions that may not have the personnel or expertise to have a full scale point of sale lending program. Includes loan origination, dealer sign-up and representation, staff training and more.

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Application provider service

A fully customizable point of sale lending program. You choose your desired level of control over the lending process, while maximizing member loan retenetion and offering a point of sale program.

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Benefits of indirect lending

Includes convenience for your members, loan portfolio growth, membership growth and more. Through our unique program, your Credit Union is able to retain control of the risk and lending process with minimal effort.

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